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  • Who founded London?

    Posted on 03 December, 2020

    History books claim that London dates back to Roman times, but could it have been founded before then?

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  • Hackney

    Posted on 29 November, 2020

    Hackney is famous for its carriages, but no-one seems to know how it came by its name.

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  • Greenwich

    Posted on 25 November, 2020

    Greenwich has been officially designated a “royal borough” since 2012.

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  • Italian London

    Posted on 21 November, 2020

    Not counting the Romans, there’s been an Italian presence in London since medieval times.

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  • Fulham

    Posted on 17 November, 2020

    Nestled in a bend in the river, Fulham was originally a parish containing a handful of villages.

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  • Finsbury

    Posted on 13 November, 2020

    There’s no such neighbourhood as Finsbury, right?

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  • Piccadilly Circus

    Posted on 09 November, 2020

    Piccadilly Circus isn’t exactly known for being London’s most respectable road junction.

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  • Deptford

    Posted on 05 November, 2020

    Once a ford, now a bridge, Deptford’s seen dramatic battles and murky murders in its time.

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  • Chelsea

    Posted on 02 November, 2020

    At the forefront of fashion in the sixties and seventies, Chelsea has been considered chic since the fifteen hundreds.

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  • The Huguenots

    Posted on 30 October, 2020

    London’s first modern immigrants, the Huguenots created today’s Soho and Spitalfields.

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