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  • Barking

    Posted on 03 September, 2021

    An ancient settlement, once famous for its Abbey and its fishing fleet, Barking has produced codbangers, singers, footballers and even a few actual saints in its time.

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  • Acton

    Posted on 13 August, 2021

    Once known for its oak trees, Acton was two villages, and a staging post and a spa resort, before becoming the west London neighbourhood we know and love today.

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  • The Making of Greater London

    Posted on 08 July, 2021

    Greater London only came into existence in 1965, but it had been some centuries in the making, and to an extent it still is.

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  • Middlesex

    Posted on 18 June, 2021

    Most of London was originally part of the county of Middlesex, but London gradually gobbled it up, and and nearly all of what was once Middlesex is now in London.

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  • The City

    Posted on 27 May, 2021

    A source of perpetual confusion to foreigners is the fact that the City of London is not the whole of London, but a tiny enclave inside it.

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  • Woolwich

    Posted on 07 April, 2021

    Woolwich is very old. It’s been settled since the Iron Age, before the Romans built Londinium. Its name suggests that in Anglo-Saxon times it was a trading place for wool.

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  • Westminster

    Posted on 28 March, 2021

    Westminster was once an island at an important ford across the River, but the name originally referred only to the Abbey.

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  • Wandsworth

    Posted on 22 March, 2021

    Wandsworth is the only metropolitan borough to have lost bits when it was transformed into a larger London borough of the same name in 1965.

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  • Great Cockney traditions

    Posted on 18 March, 2021

    From Bow bells to jellied eels, you can’t beat a good old bit of Cockney tradition, the heart and soul of London’s culture and identity.

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  • Stoke Newington

    Posted on 14 March, 2021

    In population terms, Stoke Newington (“Stokey” to its friends) was London’s smallest metropolitan borough.

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