A livable London

We want a London in which everyone – not only the rich – can enjoy a decent life


London’s housing situation is an emergency. Many of us are spending over half our income on rent on shoddy shoe-boxes. Yet London is falling ever further behind the amount of housing we need. We will struggle to provide public services if police officers, nurses and teachers can’t afford to live here.

We need more affordable housing – a lot more. We want to put this right at the top of the agenda with a strategy and resources and evidence-led strategy to get that housing built.

And until we do – we need to clamp down on profiteering from the housing crisis.

• We need more social housing.
• We need to stop the sale of public housing stock.
• We need to stop absentee owners leaving houses empty.


We will make sure London plays its part in protecting the environment, locally and globally.

Climate change is a global crisis. London has moral duty to act, but our actions can only be effective as part of an international effort. We want London to be fully committed to the emerging consensus on action.

The local environment must be part of the plan. Tackling air pollution by adopting electric vehicles – for example – can both improve the lives of Londoners now and help stop future catastrophe. These are the things we should be doing early on.


Violent crime is rising. It’s a problem that disproportionately affects vulnerable young people. As a community we have a duty to respond.

The rise comes after a decade of cuts to youth services and policing. It is not the fault of front-line workers such as the police. Youth services and preventative policing need proper government support. We need to reverse the decade of cuts in police resources.

At the same time, arbitrary stop and search, and racial profiling, are not the answer, and indeed have been counter-productive. We need our police force to be well-rooted in the community it serves, with the leadership and resources it needs to offer fair and equal policing to everybody regardless of race.