A diverse London

We want respect for all Londoners - whatever their background or circumstances

Londoners of every race, creed and colour, occupation, social class, nationality, origin, gender and sexual preference have a home in our city and a role and champion in this party.

London is the world’s most diverse and cosmopolitan city. Thanks to the dynamism of our people, we lead the world in art, enterprise and innovation. From our Cockney roots to our international connections, our place in the world depends on our city’s unique mix of people. We will stand proudly for that shared identity.

What will we do about it?

  • Our candidates will be drawn from across the great diversity of our city. Our city's leadership should properly represent all of its population.
  • We will campaign for Europe-wide freedom of movement for all Londoners.
  • A clear path to citizenship for everyone who's part of our city.
  • A welcome for talented and hard-working people from across the world.