Why we support a People’s Vote

Londependence had a presence at the People’s Vote march on Saturday, as it has at all the People’s Vote marches.

In the 2016 referendum, London voted by a large margin to stay in the EU, and that margin would definitely be even larger now, probably at least two to one.

London should not be dragged out of the EU against its will. Our preferred option would be for the entire UK to vote in a new referendum to reject Boris Johnson’s deal, and to reject leaving with no deal, and that is why we stand by the UK opposition parties in rejecting those options and calling for a People’s Vote.

If Britain stays in the EU, we can work gradually towards increased self-government for London within the UK.

If, on the other hand, England and its Tory regime insist on trying to drag London out of the EU against our will, then our need to break completely free will become much more urgent.