Our Position on Brexit

In this video Geoff sets out the party position on Brexit. Please watch and share.


What is the position of Londependence on Brexit?

We oppose Brexit. We think the Article 50 notification should be revoked.

Londependence, I suspect, is not going to sweep to power in time to make that happen. But that's where we stand.

Look at what has happened since June 2016. Brexit was supposed to be about patriotic pride but you can't be proud of this shambles. England has dragged London into a humiliating mess.

Isn't that undemocratic? What about the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit?

It would be undemocratic not to oppose it.

London voted Brexit down by a 20% margin. England should not be able to impose this course on us without our democratic consent. The SNP is making that case for Scotland and we'll make the same case for London.

Brexit has shown just how badly served we Londoners are by English 'democracy'. Neither Labour nor the Tories - who currently hold most of London's constituencies - neither of them have spoken up for the concerns of Londoners. Customs unions and free trade agreements don't help the thousands of Londoners who work for our world class service industries. European Londoners - our neighbors and colleagues and friends - have been hung out to dry.

Not only has London's vote against Brexit been ignored, everything else we have been saying since has been ignored as well.

It is Brexit that's been undemocratic for Londoners.

Does the UK really need another Remain party?

We are a London party, first and foremost. If we are Remain it is because London is Remain.

Brexit is just not how London does things though.

When we elect politicians, when we pay them a good salary, it's not because we like looking at them on the television. We expect them to do a job: and that is to weigh and take decisions on our behalf.

But what they decided was not to do their job. They said, "You decide." They offered the country a choice when they had no idea how to deliver it. They triggered Article 50 still without any plan how to deliver it. And even now... the only reason we're still beating our heads against this wall is because politicians aren't brave enough to admit they messed up.

London doesn't want politicians who don't do their job. Londoners take responsibility; we step up or we admit a mistake and step back. We want politicians that do the same.

What do you say to Londoners who voted to Leave in 2016?

Right. There were 1 and half million people like that.

I think there were principled reasons to vote Leave in 2016. But you have to look at what has happened since. That principled vote has been hijacked by bitter and backward-looking English nationalists: who see London as an enemy.

Just after the vote journalists in England were asking, "Why did you vote Leave?" And the answer was: "To give London a kicking."

Boris Johnson says that when people voted for Brexit they were voting against London.

The people who now support Brexit now want - intentionally - to hurt London. And they still want it even though all the analysis shows that it will hurt them. It will hurt them even more than it hurts us. It's the mentality of a suicide bomber.

But we've had real suicide bombers here in London. We don't give in to them. We stand up and we stand together.