Our Statement on the General Election

Londependence will not be standing candidates in the general election on 12th December. We want to explain to our supporters why that is. The UK's electoral system is designed to leave out voters and shut out new ideas. The coming election will be dominated by Brexit. Other concerns will be drowned out. This situation is one reason Londoners need much greater autonomy for their city. Continue reading

Rory Stewart’s silly comment about gangsters betrays a wider ignorance

Rory Stewart’s casual and foolish assumption that three young Black men he met in Brick Lane must be “minor gangsters” exposes how unfit he is to be London's mayor. Continue reading

Why we support a People’s Vote

Londependence had a presence at the People’s Vote march on Saturday, as it has at all the People’s Vote marches. Continue reading

Spain’s imprisonment of the Catalan independence leaders

Like Scotland and like London, Catalonia should have the right to decide its own future. Continue reading

London needs Freedom of Movement

As the UK careers towards a no-deal Brexit, or even some kind of a deal, one thing that’s clear is that it means an end to our freedom to live, work or retire on the Continent. Continue reading