Dominic Cummings's Driveabout

Dominic Cummings’s long drive up to Durham and Barnard Castle probably didn’t actually cause any deaths, but it’s a reminder to Londoners of how right we were to vote against his regime. Continue reading

The government’s takeover of TfL is a terrible deal for everyone in London.

England’s government has exploited TfL’s crisis – caused by no fault of its own – to effectively take it over, and un-devolve London’s power over its transport system, the only truly devolved asset that London had. Continue reading

A self-governing London would have acted more effectively on Covid

Britain was too slow to act on Covid. A self-governing London would have been a lot more agile. Continue reading

Key workers are putting their lives on the line for us

As an epicentre for the coronavirus, London has suffered a distressing number of fatalities. Continue reading

Happy Easter

A very happy Easter weekend from Londependence to everyone in London and elsewhere. Continue reading