Our Manifesto

Londependence 2021



- London should elect its own Met Police Commissioner, just like the rest of the UK.

- London should legalize and regulate cannabis in a way that benefits ordinary consumers, and London should keep the tax revenues which this generates.

- We believe that prevention is better than cure – we want to address the complex causes of crime and invest in community and youth centres.

- We believe that policing should be equal for everyone, regardless of race or gender.



- London needs to build more social housing, and councils should not be forced to sell off their housing stock.

- We support the creation of service charge unions for leaseholders.

- In the aftermath of Grenfell, leaseholders should not be responsible for the costs that arise in regards to a failure of standards, through no fault of their own, including inflammable cladding.

- London should be free to decide its own housing policy without government interference, and borough councils should have the ultimate say over specific local planning proposals.



- London motorists pay £500 million in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) every year, but none is spent on London’s roads. London should keep its VED and use it to maintain our own roads.

- We oppose a Greater London boundary charge, which would amount in effect to an extra tax on London’s businesses.

- Government should restore TfL’s operating subsidy, which they stripped from London in 2018.


Financial Services

- The financial and insurance sector make up a fifth of London’s total economic output, yet it was completely left out of the UK-EU trade and cooperation agreement (TCA).

- Post-Brexit, we will demand the best deal for London's financial services with full access to EU markets.

- We will promote London's attractiveness as a global trading centre and investment hub.

- We will protect the international competitiveness of London's Stock Exchange. 



- We are in favour of London’s business rates review. London should set and retain all its business rates.

- We will provide a one-stop shop to support smaller businesses, for example in their digital transformation and moving to online trading.

- We will foster the growth of start-ups and support entrepreneurs who choose to base their businesses in London.

- We support the Central London Alliance in its mission to rejuvenate London's economy, especially the hospitality industry. Read more here: https://www.centrallondonalliance.com/our-mission



- Women should feel safe on London’s streets 24/7.

- We support female empowerment and narrowing the gender pay gap.

- We support the BLM movement.

- We back full LGBTQ+ rights.

- We have zero tolerance for any kind of racial hatred.


Health and Environment

- We need to encourage the switch to electric cars as quickly as possible.

- Everyone has the right to clean air, including those living near busy roads.

- London should decide its own policy on COVID passports.

- We commit to achieving net zero by 2030. London needs to play a full part in reducing carbon emissions and use of plastic.

- We propose a Workout to Helpout scheme to encourage all Londoners to improve their health and in support of London’s fitness industry.

- London’s streets and open spaces should be dog-friendly and child-friendly.


Education & Training

- London’s world-renowned Higher Education centres need to be supported and sustained.

- We oppose further cuts to London’s T-Grant.

- We would devolve the Apprenticeship Levy for maximum effectiveness for young Londoners.

- Financial literacy education should be provided in schools and colleges.


Arts and culture

- We would provide specific grants to help support London’s nightlife, arts and culture sector after being particularly hard-hit by COVID.

- We would restore VAT relief for international tourists.

- We would negotiate a reciprocal deal for London’s musicians and performers to tour freely in the EU.