Leader's Update - August 19

It has been an exciting week. The coverage of Londependence in the Evening Standard has been a big boost for what is very new and still very small party. Thank you to everyone who has got in touch and registered their support.

It has also prompted a fair amount of negative comment. We have been told that London belongs to England but isn't really English; we should shut up, know our place, and get on with paying England's bills. The English horror at 'vassalage' is decidedly hypocritical. 

My reply is: we won't shut up and we don't know our place. London belongs to Londoners. 

The number one priority for us right now is to start getting traction on our CrowdFunder. Standing candidates for election is at the absolute core of what a political party is for. This is the only way that Londependence stops being an idea we talk about and starts being on option on the ballot paper that Londoners can vote for. So please pledge - it's risk free, if we don't make the target then all the pledges are refunded. And cajole sympathetic friends into pledging as well: our politics are in desperate need of some new ideas.

We are holding an informal meetup next week at the Barbican Centre - for new faces and old hands. It's a great opportunity to meet the real people involved in this unlikely venture and find out more about us.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday! 


Londependence 2020 panel