Key workers are putting their lives on the line for us

As an epicentre for the coronavirus, London has suffered a distressing number of fatalities.

Over 200 people a day are dying of coronavirus in London. The good news is, that figure is apparently now falling. But of course, it’s far from over yet. And in many other places, things are still getting worse.

All of us who can, need to observe the lockdown and social distancing as scrupulously as possible. But for some, that is unfortunately not possible.

Untold numbers of NHS workers, for example, are putting themselves in danger for our benefit daily on the front line in London’s hospitals. Several have died.

TfL staff, most notably bus drivers, also put themselves at risk to carry NHS and other key workers to their vital jobs. Twenty have died so far.

We Londoners must never forget the sacrifice that NHS workers, Tfl workers, and even supermarket staff, are making for us. They are risking not only their health, but indeed their lives. That they are heroes is not just a cliché – it’s a fact.

Huge respect and big thanks to everyone out there on the front line. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Let’s all show our appreciation, by complying willingly with the lockdown, donning face masks when we go out, as scientists are now advising, and all doing our bit to reduce the risk which key workers are taking daily.

They're doing it for us. Let's all do it for them.