That Kantar Poll

Geoff discusses why the recent Kantar poll showing the Tories on 42% shows the need for Londependence. Watch and share.


So you might have seen the latest Kantar poll that puts the Tories on 42%.

Between them the anti-Brexit parties - the Lib Dems, SNP and Greens - are polling just 21%.

Other polls aren't quite that extreme but they tell a similar story. 

Here in London there is a stark majority for forward_looking and pluralist politics. But those values aren't shared by a decisive English majority.

London can vote Lib Dem, vote Green, vote for forward-looking Labour candidates but those people are not persuading the reactionary hinterland. And because of that Londoners are wasting their votes. 

London needs the autonomy to vote its own values. If we wait for the English majority to catch up with the 21st Century it's already going to be the 22nd.

And that's what Londependence is fighting for: London's right to be true to itself.