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  • Chingford

    Posted on 04 October, 2022

    Chingford probably doesn’t mean what you think it means.

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  • Bromley

    Posted on 23 July, 2022

    Not to be confused with Bromley(-by-Bow) in the East End, Bromley in outer southeast London was a Kentish market town.

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  • Brentford & Chiswick

    Posted on 10 May, 2022

    Brentford and Chiswick, both ancient Middlesex villages, each had their own local council, till they were merged in 1927.

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  • Edmonton

    Posted on 08 April, 2022

    Edmonton must date back to at least Anglo-Saxon times, although its first known mention is in William the Conqueror’s 1086 Domesday Book.

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  • What Upper Edmonton needs

    Posted on 08 April, 2022

    Upper Edmonton is a vibrant, multicultural area in North London but, like most neighbourhoods, it has its problems, and they need to be addressed. This round of council elections is a good time to address them.

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  • Beddington and Wallington

    Posted on 28 March, 2022

    Once separate parishes, Beddington and Wallington were joined in a single municipal borough, until it was swallowed up Sutton in 1965.

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  • Trout Carshalton (recipe)

    Posted on 20 March, 2022

    Carshalton was once known for its trouts, its walnuts, its watercress beds and its lavender fields, which has inspired us to create a dish especially for it.

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  • Carshalton

    Posted on 21 February, 2022

    In William the Conqueror’s Domesday Book, Carshalton appears as just “Aultone”. The first bit of its name wasn’t added till the thirteenth century.

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  • Bexley

    Posted on 23 January, 2022

    There was a village at Bexley by the beginning of the ninth century, which isn’t too surprising as it’s just off a road that’s older than the Romans.

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  • Beckenham

    Posted on 01 December, 2021

    Once upon a time, Beckenham was a little village in rural Kent. That all changed when the railway arrived in 1857.

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