Be Our Candidate

We need people to stand as candidates for Londependence. There is no point in giving voters leaflets or sharing messages on social media unless we can tell our audience to go and vote for someone. So please consider being our candidate.

Londependence is committed to fielding a roster of candidates that reflects the true diversity of our city.


Local Elections

Even big parties struggle to field a full roster of candidates for council elections. So if you are willing to stand for us in local elections, you probably can. We want to field as many candidates as we can in the 2020 London local elections.

Councilors don't earn a salary but they receive an allowance for the work they do. Most London borough councils we have looked at pay around £10,000 pa as a basic allowance. There are additional allowances paid for taking on additional responsibilities. But check! Even assuming a minimum wage Londoners won't be able to treat this as a full time job. We won't expect our candidates to treat it as a full-time commitment. But it should be considered a substantial one. Do your homework, get a sense of what's involved. Decide if it's right for you. We trust you.

The good news is that you won't need a deposit to stand. You will need to ask us for a certificate of authorisation to stand as our candidate. We can provide this (if asked!) along with general support with the paperwork.

We will do our best to get the word out to our supporters to help with leafleting and other forms of campaigning. You should be prepared to do some agitation of your own to get people involved.

London Assembly

We are fundraising for the deposit needed to field a list of candidates for the London Assembly elections in 2020. Please see here for more details.

If we are successful in making the target we will be publishing more details about the application process to become our candidate. Spoiler alert: the process is likely to require you to make a video about why you should be one of candidates.

We are not currently anticipating running a candidate for Mayor in 2020.

Member of Parliament

Given the rather volatile state of British politics at the moment - we are also looking for PPCs (prospective parliamentary candidates) for London constituencies.

We do not have the financial backing to fund deposits. To become a PPC you will need to raise your own deposit - currently £500. Note that even if you do raise the money is that does not guarantee recognition as a Londependence candidate. We recommend that you use crowdfunding as success via this route will go a long way to demonstrate your viability as a candidate. If you want to do so, please ask our permission beforehand. Not only will this head off any acrimony down the line, we can also help you by publicising your crowdfunding site to our supporters.

We don't feel that should need to say this but, were you to be elected as an MP, we would expect you to treat as full-time job.

Our Candidates

There are four qualities that Londependence in from its candidates. This is a big part of our answer to the question, Why should I vote for a candidate just because they have the Londependence logo next to their name?

We believe that these qualities are integral to trustee democracy. Selecting and supporting candidates who can demonstrate these qualities in their campaign and exercise them in office is how we win the trust to deliver on our vision. We want to go to voters and say: if you vote for one of our candidates this is what you're getting.


This is obvious, right? We want our candidates to be committed to the values and goals of Londependence. If a candidate campaigns under Londependence colours that should be an honest representation to voters of what they stand for.


Personal integrity is important. If a candidate cannot be trusted in their professional and personal life then how can voters trust them.

This is not about defining a code of morally acceptable behaviour. It is about expecting our candidates to be honest about who they are and  to avoid behaviour they would not want to become public knowledge.

It is categorically not about expecting our candidates to have an unchequered past. We expect a few chequers - just be honest and make them part of a positive narrative about your candidature.


The job of a councillor, and assembly member or Member of Parliament is primarily about scrutinizing policy and legislation. We do not expect experts or want ideologues. But you will need to be able to get to grips with complex details and understand difficult trade-offs. You will need to be able to understand enough, quickly enough to ask the right questions of the people who are experts and to make the decisions that need to made.

Due diligence is important in law, in engineering, in finance - all service industries in which London leads. Londoners understand the importance of it. This is about showing that the candidate has not only the intention to do the job well but also the competence.


When a representative makes decisions on behalf of their constituents they should be able to show their working. We put forward candidates in the expectation that they will exercise their own judgement in office - not slavishly follow a party whip. But we expect them to do so transparently.

Communication is also about listening to constituents. We still expect our successful candidates to exercise their own judgement. We will be clear with voters that the candidates we endorse will be trustees not delegates. You are not there just to interpret and transmit the view of your constituents. But - in being transparent about how you have made a judgement - you should explain how the views of constituents have been factored in.