Brexit exposes the divide between London and England

At 11pm on Friday 31 January, the UK finally leaves the EU, dragging London out against its will.

Brexit follows four UK-wide votes: the 2016 referendum, the 2017 general election, the May 2019 European Parliament election, and the December 2019 general election. In every single one of those, England (with Wales and Cornwall) voted one way, while London and Scotland voted the other.

The gulf between London and England is plain for all to see. Our values are no longer the same. London is outward-looking and international. We value our connections with Europe and worldwide. We rejoice in our diversity. We are home to talented and dynamic people from across the globe.

It is increasing obvious that London needs to go its own way. We need to make our voice felt in important international institutions, not least the EU. If London were an EU member in its own right, we would be a medium-sized EU country by population, and we would have the Union’s sixth-biggest economy.

More and more, London needs to seek its own future. Londependence is a party for people who want to help build that future. Come and join us.